What Does An Esports Career Look Like?

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In this article from Ready Esports, the emphasis on industry jobs as a future pathway speaks volumes. Esports is a growing industry, and there isn't one right way to approach it. We mention, quite a bit, how unorganized it all is, and for many parents, video games and the culture they create have been frowned upon. However, the industry is rapidly evolving, and as we build better gaming communities and healthy competition through esports, the career opportunities in esports are exploding. Currently, the esports industry makes more money in a year than every other professional sport in the United States combined. That is a massive amount of money, and the investments continue to flow. As the structure begins to form, there will come with it a standardization of the job pathways. For now, job titles change, companies are bought, and from day to day, the esports job market will look vastly different, but one thing is assured, the jobs themselves are still there.

alex-haney-lfQyS-TnqEg-unsplashLike many of our students, you might be looking at the possibility of entering the esports industry as a career choice. How do you even start? What jobs are out there? What degrees or experience do you need to land a job? 

Let's start with this. Esports is not just competitive gaming. We would nothing more than to send every single player into the big leagues, but the percentage of gamers that make it as a career is less than that of any other sport. One reason is the number of gamers versus the number of athletes for other sports. There are infinitely more gamers out there all trying to claim a top spot. But, it definitely helps to be involved with an actual competitive team like the one here at Louisburg if you want to be a professional gamer.

Outside of being a competitive gamer, the esports industry offers quite the spread of different job options. You can still be involved and play games without having to be that 1 in a billion that makes it onto a professional competitive team. Like other professional sports industries, esports now offers broadcasting, team management, coaching, stadium/arena management, marketing, IT, etc. There is really no end to job possibilities with esports, and the job opportunities will only keep expanding. But, what do you need to land one of these jobs? Currently, there are few degrees specific to esports. That is already beginning to change, but until those degrees become readily available, what helps you land that sought after job? First and foremost, it will be connections in the industry. It's important for esports programs to network and connect their players with industry professionals. Giving students an avenue to purse in any industry is important as students look to land jobs after college. In esports, those connections can be life changing.

On the flip side, having skills and experience in addition to industry connections will make sure you stand out and keep the jobs that you land. Esports needs committed individuals to bring about the structure we all crave. Degrees in computer science, combined with business or marketing are a major boost for those entering the industry. You can even get jobs in narrative writing, so English or literature degrees also come in handy. The industry needs leaders too. Business administration or management degrees at the post-graduate level can be a leg up if you're looking to enter the esports job market. In reality, getting a degree in any field that deals with management, marketing, IT, or any combination of them will help  you land an esports career.

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Coach Fink

Head Coach, B.J. Fink, for Louisburg College Esports has launched two collegiate esports teams, consulted for more than 15 other institutions, and brings a coaching, IT, and recruiting background to his role in esports.